For family and conecuh sausage

The feeling starts not long after crossing the border, south of Dothan. Though the cotton fields are long past harvest in late November, a light dusting of leftover rebel snow is still tangled in the grassy shoulders of the road. From the car window I can see it, trembling in the autumn wind, telling me I'm headed in the right direction. Traffic thins after Montgomery where the two lanes of State Road 82 bend northwest in a rolling black stream rising and falling with the hills of central Alabama. Yellow leaves gather in piles against the canted remains of old barns and roadside barbecue … [Read more...]

4th of July Recipe Round-Up

I'm ready to get my 'Merica on -- are you? This is one of my FAVORITE weeks of the year (or at least of the summer). My sleepy little beach town is buzzing with activity -- I was at the St. Augustine Lighthouse today and despite the overcast skies, the gift shop was packed with folks ready to explore the tower and museum. My heart swelled with pride. But let's be honest -- 4th of July is really about one thing. Nope, it's not fireworks. Nope, not the beach. Nope, not even America. It's about FOOD. That's what ALL of our holidays are about, right? I mean, if we're really … [Read more...]

7 Summer Must-Haves for the Home

1. Old Try Screen Prints Hand printed on an old press  (a true labor of love -- watch this video of what goes into each print) the amazing offerings from Old Try are simple perfection. Every design evokes a warm feeling for the Southern heart. A mix of state-specific designs and old Southern favorites (like the latitude/longitude of the Mason-Dixon Line) I'm in *love* with a number of these prints, but my personal favorite is below.   2. Mid-Century Pineapple Tumbler Set Don Draper eat your heart out. These blue and gold mid-century gems (found on Etsy) have a touch of Southern … [Read more...]