9/11: What We Have Forgotten

I hate the "Never Forget!" rally cry of 9/11 ...because sometimes I wish I could forget. I wish I didn't know what it sounds like when a commercial airliner hits a skyscraper. Or the noise a falling body makes when it hits a roof. I wish I couldn't still see the glowing screen on my 13" TV as I lay in bed that night, watching Dan Rather's grim face tell me that the world I woke up to that morning didn't exist anymore. Even now, fifteen years later, I could take you back to my high school and plant your feet on the same spot in the second to last row of the science lab where I was standing … [Read more...]

Baptized into a Southern Summer

Even now, more than a decade after we said goodbye, she still finds me and takes me home. It always happens in an unexpected place, at an unexpected moment, but in the instant her ghostly fingers graze my heart, I willfully close my eyes and follow her to happier times. Most recently, she found me in the staircase of a friend’s beach house. Something about the scent of cedar planks and mildew brought her to me (or me to her) and like a portal opening to another world, I let my present surroundings fall away and opened my eyes to a memory. Orange clay clings to the soles of my bare … [Read more...]

Just think, what a happy life we could live

I hate Valentine's Day. As we have all realized by now, everything about this designated day of "love" is painfully artificial. (Except the chocolates, they are delicious...) What is so egregiously insulting about this fake holiday is that *real* love is actually the antithesis of artificiality. Love is the most genuine, pure emotion we have. It comes without reason, without preamble or pause, in flourishing waves that gradually but powerfully wash over us and leave us forever different in their wake. Love changes us. Love inspires us. Love shapes our lives. Love is the reason … [Read more...]