My December

If not for the photographs below, my only memory of December 2013 would be one long blur of activity. A few of my highlights from this crazy month: Survived my first Luminary Night, the lighthouse's annual Christmas celebration Held my first Killer Shine book signing at the St. Augustine Holiday B&B Tour Welcomed my newest pseudo-nephew (son of a childhood best friend) Fisher! Celebrated Christmas with an assortment of friends and family (plus lots of yummy food) Enjoyed a beautiful candlelit Christmas Eve service Below are a few pictures to corroborate the above list, … [Read more...]

For family and conecuh sausage

The feeling starts not long after crossing the border, south of Dothan. Though the cotton fields are long past harvest in late November, a light dusting of leftover rebel snow is still tangled in the grassy shoulders of the road. From the car window I can see it, trembling in the autumn wind, telling me I'm headed in the right direction. Traffic thins after Montgomery where the two lanes of State Road 82 bend northwest in a rolling black stream rising and falling with the hills of central Alabama. Yellow leaves gather in piles against the canted remains of old barns and roadside barbecue … [Read more...]

Like sand through the hourglass

Less than 360 days now stand between me and… *gulp* …thirty. Wrapping my lips around that number is difficult. Every time my mind tries to comprehend that I have been walking around on this Earth for nearly three decades, the process is halted by the same question to which I have no answer. What do you have to show for it? If I had to stand before a faceless board of judges on the eve of my thirtieth birthday and present a thesis on my life to date, what I’ve done, and why I deserve to continue walking around for another (hopefully) three decades or so – what would I say? I can … [Read more...]