Killer Shine: Limited Edition

Killer Shine “Fight Fanconi” Gift Set

– Autographed copy of Killer Shine

– A Kidz 1st Fund “I Fight Fanconi” Arm Band –

– Original mermaid watercolor print note card from Camille Grimshaw with a special message from me! –

For each one of the first 30 copies sold,
I will donate $10 to Kidz 1st Fund

That’s a total of $300 toward finding a cure for Fanconi anemia!

So do you want to help?

Purchase one of the first 30 limited edition gift sets for just $25.00 and in addition to all the perks above,
I will contribute $10 for each book sold toward Fanconi anemia research with Kidz1stFund.

What is Fanconi anemia?

 Fanconi anemia is a rare, but very serious medical condition that affects about 1 in every 131,000 people. People with FA can have a variety of health issues ranging from hand and arm abnormalities to heart, kidney, and hearing problems. The average life expectancy for a patient with FA is 29 years.

What’s Killer Shine about?

Put your finger on the Georgia-Florida state line and drag it east until you hit the ocean. Right there, under the tip of your fingernail, is a slice of paradise known as Crab Island.

Jacqueline “Jac” Dawson rolls over the old wooden bridge onto Crab Island after a ten-year absence and one ill-advised marriage to find the landscape and locals of her colorful, eccentric, yet somehow perfect home unchanged.

But just as she and her son, Milo, settle into Unit 5 at The Pink Mermaid Motel, murder and moonshine rip Crab Island open at the seams. Old family grudges wash up on shore, gossip slips between the palm fronds, and Jac finds herself at the center of a tangled web where freeing a murder is the only way she can save her child’s life.

What does FA have to do with Killer Shine?

Milo Ryan, a freckle-faced six-year-old at the heart of Killer Shine, is diagnosed with Fanconi anemia in the book and faces a difficult journey to find a well matched bone marrow donor who can save his life.

Ethan Fisher with his mom, Candi.

My inspiration for Milo’s character and his brave battle with Fanconi anemia came after hearing the story of  FA patient Ethan Fisher, youngest son of Jimbo & Candi Fisher. Most folks know Jimbo as the head coach of the Florida State Seminoles football team, but he and Candi have also made great strides off the field to raise awareness and research funds for FA through their foundation, Kidz 1st Fund.

Candi also wrote a beautiful foreword for Killer Shine, in which she shared
the story of how two little words changed her family’s entire life.

How can you help fight Fanconi?

1. Make a donation to Kidz 1st Fund

Visit the to make your pledge.

(Or buy one of the limited edition copies of Killer Shine and I’ll make the donation for you!)

2. Join the National Bone Marrow Registry

It only takes a couple of harmless cotton swabs for you to join the registry and possibly save someone’s life.

Visit now to sign-up!