Guess what arrived in the mail today?

Time to celebrate with some fried pickles & sunset lemonade! … [Read more...]

Get your shine on! (August Update)

I hope you've got your bags packed... In about a month you're going to be taking a trek down south to a little slice of paradise called Crab Island. But be prepared, this trip is not all fun and games. Someone has built a moonshine ring down there and I can't caution you enough here -- do NOT drink the moonshine. It's poisoned. Instead, I recommend you spend your time relaxing by the pool at The Pink Mermaid Motel with the colorfully hilarious Dawson family: Meet Bear: Family matriarch, multimedia artist, and savior of the once dilapidated old motel. Meet Coach: Leader of the … [Read more...]

Killer Shine (July Update)

Did you think I forgot about my next book? No way! Believe me, just because I typed my last letter a month ago doesn't mean the colorful characters of Crab Island have left my brainspace. In fact, I'm starting to wonder if Happy, Bear, Jac, Tucker and Milo are going to be with me forever! Progress has stalled, however, partly due to my new job, but mostly due to a recent family health scare. Oddly, I feel a little closer to Jac because now I know what it's really like to stand in a doctor's office and get a bad diagnosis you weren't expecting for someone you love. A few days … [Read more...]