Baptized into a Southern Summer

Even now, more than a decade after we said goodbye, she still finds me and takes me home. It always happens in an unexpected place, at an unexpected moment, but in the instant her ghostly fingers graze my heart, I willfully close my eyes and follow her to happier times. Most recently, she found me in the staircase of a friend’s beach house. Something about the scent of cedar planks and mildew brought her to me (or me to her) and like a portal opening to another world, I let my present surroundings fall away and opened my eyes to a memory. Orange clay clings to the soles of my bare … [Read more...]

4th of July Recipe Round-Up

I'm ready to get my 'Merica on -- are you? This is one of my FAVORITE weeks of the year (or at least of the summer). My sleepy little beach town is buzzing with activity -- I was at the St. Augustine Lighthouse today and despite the overcast skies, the gift shop was packed with folks ready to explore the tower and museum. My heart swelled with pride. But let's be honest -- 4th of July is really about one thing. Nope, it's not fireworks. Nope, not the beach. Nope, not even America. It's about FOOD. That's what ALL of our holidays are about, right? I mean, if we're really … [Read more...]