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Killer Shine

Put your finger on the Florida/Georgia state line and drag it east until you hit the ocean. Right there, under the tip of your fingernail, is a tiny slice of paradise called Crab Island. This colorful and unique place is where Southern traditions and Sunshine State style have melded as one — seafood is served with sweet tea, kudzu grows next to the sand, and palm trees obscure the workings of a moonshine still. …
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Shattered Shine

shatteredshine_thumbnailDecades after a dark tragedy occurred at the lighthouse on Beacon Key, Charley Dawson arrives on the island’s isolated shores, just south of Crab Island. While still struggling to put the pieces of her own life back together, Charley finds her hands full trying to manage the island’s lone resident, Miss Amelia Elmore. Just as Charley is finding her footing (and making progress on repairing the old lighthouse) Miss Amelia’s grandson, Ezra, shows up fresh off his latest failure to further complicate Charley’s delicate situation…
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Ancient City Christmas

Bailey Hamilton is — literally and figuratively speaking — in quite a bind. It’s Christmas Eve and she is being held in the custody of airport security after causing a ruckus in the ticketing terminal. But as Bailey will explain, she is not to blame for the situation at hand. Two decades’ worth of family Christmas catastrophes have led to this latest breakdown. As soon as Bailey can get the heck out of Florida, she’ll be gone for good…
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