Killer Shine

Blood flows just like moonshine in this colorful mystery thriller
Killer Shine from Southern Fiction author Shannon O'Neil.
Put your finger on the Florida/Georgia state line and drag it east until you hit the ocean. Right there, under the
tip of your fingernail, is a tiny slice of paradise called Crab Island. This colorful and unique place is where Southern traditions and Sunshine State style have melded as one — seafood is served with sweet tea, kudzu
grows next to the sand, and palm trees obscure the workings of a moonshine still.... Read More...


Author Shannon O'NeilHey Y'all! My name is Shannon, I'm a Southern Lit author, sports lover, and beach bum — equal parts sweet tea and cold beer — some combination of Deep South values (family, faith, and football) and Floridian Lifestyle (laid back, sun-loving, and unique). I was born and raised in St. Augustine, a surfers-and-artists type laid back community on the north Atlantic coast of the Florida peninsula -- but my heart has always been tied to my family roots in Alabama.
You must stay drunk on writing so reality does not destroy you.
- Ray Bradbury.
I really appreciate you passing through my little sunny-southern corner of the interwebs. While you're here, pour yourself a tall glass of sweet tea and explore some of my favorite blog posts or check out my novels including my latest, Killer Shine.


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