Just think, what a happy life we could live

I hate Valentine's Day. As we have all realized by now, everything about this designated day of "love" is painfully artificial. (Except the chocolates, they are delicious...) What is so egregiously insulting about this fake holiday is that *real* love is actually the antithesis of artificiality. Love is the most genuine, pure emotion we have. It comes without reason, without preamble or pause, in flourishing waves that gradually but powerfully wash over us and leave us forever different in their wake. Love changes us. Love inspires us. Love shapes our lives. Love is the reason … [Read more...]

For family and conecuh sausage

The feeling starts not long after crossing the border, south of Dothan. Though the cotton fields are long past harvest in late November, a light dusting of leftover rebel snow is still tangled in the grassy shoulders of the road. From the car window I can see it, trembling in the autumn wind, telling me I'm headed in the right direction. Traffic thins after Montgomery where the two lanes of State Road 82 bend northwest in a rolling black stream rising and falling with the hills of central Alabama. Yellow leaves gather in piles against the canted remains of old barns and roadside barbecue … [Read more...]


The surgery was a success! I'm so exhausted I can't form much in the way of coherent thoughts, but here's my semi-poetic recap of the last few days: Long drive Valet parking Cold air Waiting room Cousin Owen (Smiles) Paper curtains Nervous goodbyes Long hours Cafeteria lines (Bad food) More waiting Family support Number called Crowded recovery Scary machines Chatty nurse Tearful relief Long drive Finally sleep   … [Read more...]