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In life, there are two phrases you can never, ever, EVER say enough:

(1) Thank you

(2) I love you

Along the lines of number one, I wanted to post the acknowledgements as they appear in my book, Ancient City Christmas:

First, I have to thank my parents for not laughing at me when, two months into my unemployment (with a mounting pile of student loans), I announced that I was going to write a novel. Thanks, too, for the twenty-four years before that–your endless faith in me means more than I could ever say.

To the rest of my family–Carla, Dave, Patrick, Nana, Papa, Grandma Sara, and all of my wonderful aunts, uncles, and cousins, thank you for giving me decades of Christmas memories that aren’t anything like the ones I wrote about in this book!

Next, I have to thank my editor, sounding board, biggest fan, and greatest motivator–who also happens to be my best friend, Toni. If not for you and Michael rooting me on through the whole thing, I most certainly would have given up. You’re the best (and I mean it).

Thanks are also in order for the rest of my friends–Alicia, Jaime, Marisa, Julie and Tori–for all the love and support you’ve given me through this and every other stage of my life. I am especially thankful for those of you (and Chris) who endured our infamous night at Scarlett’s (we’ll chalk it up to research!).

Last of all, I’ve always had it in my mind that if and when I ever achieved my goal of writing a novel, I would thank all of the amazing teachers who have impacted my life over the years. Each and every one of you served as a guiding light in my progress, and not even this gesture can possibly thank you enough for your dedication and service.

So a big thanks to all of you: Mr. Alexander, Ms. Ashley Mrs. Baldauff, Mr. Biles, Mrs. Bruner, Mr. Dunham, Mr. Edwards, Mr. English, Mrs. Esser, Dr. Gilmer, Dr. Heere, Mr. and Mrs. Fecteau, Mr. & Mrs. Holt, Dr. James, Mr. Keating, Dr. Kent, Mr. Kundmueller, Mr. Lassetter, Mrs. MacDonald, Mrs. Madden, Ms. Mars, Ms. Mason, Mrs. Milton, Dr. Mondello, Mrs. Morrison, Dr. Rayburn, Dr. Reynaud, Mr. & Mrs. Romaine, Dr. Rudd, Coach Ryan, Mrs. Schill, Mr. Schwarm, Ms. Sparapani, Mrs. Traynor, Mrs. Wamser and Mrs. Wells (my apologies to those that may have slipped my mind, I thank you as well).

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