Contemporary Fiction Author, Infrequent Blogger & Retired Clown

Contemporary Fiction Author, Infrequent Blogger & Retired Clown

What is normal?

This is a question I ask myself often. 

A native of historic (and eccentric) St. Augustine, Florida, I don’t think I ever had a chance at normalcy. Born into a family of parade clowns, my earliest memories are of riding through St. Augustine’s cobblestone streets in a little red wagon, tossing candy to other children along the Easter and Christmas parade routes.

When I wasn’t enjoying the beaches, culture, and kooky charm of my hometown, I could often be found with my toes in the clay of Lower Alabama. From the muddy waters of Lake Martin to the shaded oaks of my great-grandparents’ farm, I’ve always had one foot planted with my southern roots while the other stayed buried in the sandy Atlantic shore.

You can read more of my views on my quirky hometown and Southern upbringing in some of my freelance work. Over the last few years I’ve been a regular contributor for both First Coast Magazine and St. Augustine Social, and I’ve been featured in Deep South Magazine and Artisan Spirits Magazine

Corporate marketer by day, author by night

Now that I’ve outgrown my clowning days, you can find me doing the corporate 9-to-5 thing most days, leading marketing and business development strategy for a tech-centric industrial automation firm. I love what I do and feel incredibly fortunate to have a flexible, remote career that allows me to exercise and build upon my lifetime of communication, design, and creative skills.

Of course, lest you think that means I must have killer marketing plans for my own books, let me refer you to an old adage about a shoe cobbler and his barefoot offspring.

Recent Transplant to Colorful Colorado!

After nearly 40 years in Florida, I recently relocated to Colorado for new adventures and mountain living. Follow along on my blog for (infrequent) updates on this Sunshine State native learning how many different types of frozen precipitation exist (SO MANY) and why going to a famously remote National Park alone at night is maybe not the best idea (I know it probably seems obvious to you, it did not to me…). 

My other interests include volunteering at Allegiance Ranch, a nonprofit horse rescue that provides therapy for veterans and first responders. I’m also passionate about Americana music, Florida State football, and my rescue dog, Bailey. 

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