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Peacemas Review by Dale Cusack

If you’ve spent any time over at Duolit, a resource of self-published authors founded by my friend Toni and I, you know that marketing a self-pubbed book ain’t easy. Even when you know what steps to take, finding the time it takes to execute each part of the process can seem darn near impossible—especially around the holidays.

So far, with each Christmas season (prime territory for my holiday-themed novel) I’ve taken one step in the right direction. Last year I was all about creating the eBook. This year, I’m all about the reviews. Through Twitter, Facebook and tips from other author friends, I’ve been recruiting reviewers online. My first review came in over the Thanksgiving holiday and (to my great joy) it was a glowing proclamation (perhaps unearned) of my debut work.

Not gonna lie, I definitely read it out loud to all of my family members around the dinner table. I think they were impressed, but it was hard to tell if it was with my review or the array of delicious Thanksgiving foods they were inhaling.

At any rate, here’s a quick excerpt from the review:

What is immediately obvious a few pages into this novel is that author Shannon O’Neil has quite a way with words. “My grandfather would sooner have seen his youngest son in full drag carrying a Jimmy Carter campaign sign than…” The whole story is punctuated with snappy little punchlines that make you laugh out loud and cause those sitting around you to eye you with suspicion and move away. Definitely better to read this when you are alone or out of earshot.

Comedy is tricky and weaving comedy into a serious story that has a great message is not a challenge for the feint hearted writer. So I think O’Neil has done exceptionally well in maintaining the comedic flow of the book whilst delivering a credible and compelling piece of dysfunctional domestic drama for us to enjoy.

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Thanks so much to Dale Cusack, author of the Grace trilogy of books (great for tweens!).

What’s that on the horizon? Looks like a cruise ship…

In addition to begging for reviews of my book, I’ve also been working on a sort-of sequel to I’ll Be Home for Peacemas. It started as a short story about Bailey taking a little Christmas cruise with her pal Memphis, but it has turned into something closer to a novella. I hope to have it ready for eBook download by December 1st! Check back for details.

Later days,

– Shannon

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