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Duolit Publishing, LLC

February 2010 – Present

In February of 2010, I decided to join forces with a good friend and fellow marketing/design/writing guru to form a self-publishing company called Duolit. I self-published my first novel twice (with some changes to it in between) and in doing so picked up a good bit of information about the industry. I realized in my experiences that there were very few (if any) self-publishing companies with personal or youthful appeal, and I decided to do something about it.

The company is still evolving, but it’s gained a respectable following of interested authors around the world. We are especially interested in not only assisting authors with the publishing process, but helping them create successful marketing campaigns with solid author branding, social media presence and more.

Here’s an example of some of the work I’ve done with Duolit thusfar:

Blog Writing

Six Steps to Finding Your Target Market

The 5 Commandments of Target Markets

5 Key Elements of Author Branding

Self-Publishing: A Personal Perspective


Business Plan for Duolit

Duolit Website


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