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Bluegrass is beautiful

I love to travel but find that my constraints (job+empty bank account) often leave me unable to get away as often as I’d like. As a writer, I especially enjoy visiting new places with new cultures and new vistas ripe with inspiration. So naturally, when the opportunity arose for me to visit Lexington, Kentucky, in late July, I jumped at the chance.

My cousin has lived there for a little over a year with three of the best companions a gal can ask for–a Shepherd mix named Potter, an ex-racing horse named Liberty and a former show horse (aptly) named Big Mikey. They keep her pleasantly busy when she’s not working and what free time there is leftover she spends tending to a wild brood of beautiful flowers the wrap her front porch. It’s an easy lifestyle to envy–and I didn’t even mention the clawfoot tub in her downstairs bathroom.

Anyhow, it was a beautiful vacation and while I could easily give you a few thousand words on it (at one point in time I thought seriously about defecting), I think my pictures would serve you better as ghost writers of a sort.

Just one last note–if you get a chance to visit Lexington, do it. Beautiful city, wonderful people, you will not regret it.

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