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Christmastime is fast approaching and with it, comes the spirit of Peacemas creeping around the corner. What is Peacemas all about? Read the Peacemas Doctrine for the details on his all-inclusive holiday created by one of the (craziest) characters in my novel I’ll Be Home for Peacemas. To celebrate Peacemas, we’re spending a few weeks enjoying some excerpts and fun Peacemas facts.

Don’t forget that Peacemas is available in eBook format, too!

If you’re all about instant gratification, pick up your Kindle, Nook or other aptly named e-reading device and buy an eBook copy of I’ll Be Home for Peacemas. (Author’s note: The book is twice as enjoyable when complimented by a glass of spiked eggnog…just a recommendation).

Peacemas Excerpt of the Week

As I faced myself in the mirror, a loosely wrapped towel tucked under my arms, I made my daily assessment of all the ways in which I could not genetically disassociate myself from my family. I have my mother’s hair (her natural hair, I should say), which is something between a dark blond and a light brown color. It has a shape that could be called wavy on a good day and wildlife habitat on a bad one. My father’s eyes, a dark hazel with tiny flecks of gold, are set beneath Nana Jane’s eyebrows–high-arched and medium thick. My small, rounded nose with its slightly up-turned tip belongs to Judge (though mine is thankfully a miniature version of his). My lips, naturally a dark pink and closer to full than thin are Paula’s (but minus the coral lipstick she’s so fond of). The tiny cleft and low profile of my chin is a mirror of my Grandpa James.

Every time I wonder if I could be so lucky as to have been separated from my real parents (some blissfully normal, sane couple with no other children) at birth, I look at my reflection and reluctantly see the map of my own family history played out on my very own face.

That settled, I assembled a small army of hair products and tools on my bathroom counter. Like a lion tamer wielding a chair and a whip, I managed to corral my shoulder-length mane into something acceptable for going out in public.

That’s a wrap!

Come back next week for Bailey’s favorite Peacemas continent celebration: Australia! Are you ready for some Ayers Rock cake–a giant block of solidified vegemite? Yum!

Later days,

– Shannon

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