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At 12:37 a.m. yesterday morning I crossed the finish line…

The first FULL manuscript of Book #2 (Killer Shine) is DONE!

I’m SO pumped to share this new book with you guys, I can’t even put it into words (which, I think, is probably a bad thing sine I’m an author…)

Killer Shine is a big departure from the Bailey Hamilton series — it still has the same themes (family, humor, and Southern culture) but it’s a more mature book (told in the third person, unlike of Bailey’s first-person witty commentary) with some very three-dimensional characters who face some serious life-and-death situations.

Anyhow, the book is now off to my AMAZING editor Brenda Errichiello (who has already been a huge part of this project, she’s seriously the best) for all the fun fine-tuning stuff, but I’m hoping to start sharing the book with my advanced readers in the next week or two (if you don’t mind dealing with a few typos that haven’t been cleaned up yet!).

If you’re interested in taking an all-expenses-paid trip to Crab Island, Florida, (careful — you’ll arrive just before a hurricane and stay through the island’s first murder) as an advanced reader, pretty please email me and I will happily add you to my list!

Details will be coming soon on the expected release date, plus a couple of Killer Shine short stories (little mini snippets that will give you a peak at the new characters before the book is released!) and some REALLY cool promotional partners I’m hoping to have along for the launch.

Keep up with all these happenings my jumping on my mailing list (if you haven’t already).

But for now, let’s just all do a little dance to celebrate the completion of Book #2!

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