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Two Signings, One Week, Many Thanks

I can’t offer enough thank yous to all of my family, friends and fans who came out to one of my book signings this week to show their support. We writers are generally a shy breed, secretly terrified of sharing our works with others for fear of how it will be received, so putting ourselves on the line at book signings and other events is always a little terrifying. Add to that some unfortunate weather and a busy week of holiday events, and I was very nervous about the turnout for my two events.

But things went great, thanks to the aforementioned parties of amazing supporters. I have to give specific thanks to the folks at Wolf’s Head Books, the Southeast Branch of the St. Johns County Library and the St. Augustine Record, who promoted by events all over the place. Also, my newly retired parents (who are still getting used to figuring out what to do with all of their spare time) went out of their way to put up fliers around town promoting the events.

Here are a few pictures I want so share. Oh and if you weren’t able to come out, I’m sure there will be more¬†occasions¬†in the future! Keep checking back with for more.



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