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Centerpieces, table settings and candles — oh my!

I’m a woman with many hobbies.

This is mostly attributable to my lack of a social life and my very (very) short attention span. I go through these phases where I pillage Michael’s and Hobby Lobby for supplies only to go home and get halfway through a project before I shove the remnants in my closet with a promise to resume my progress at a later date.

But recently I’ve taken up a new hobby that might have some staying power on my list of long term interests (right next to writing, snowglobe collecting and movies about baseball).

I’ve always had a knack for special event decor, but it’s been fueled as of late by too many episodes of My Fair Wedding with David Tutera and the planning of a baby shower for my Duolit co-founder, Toni. It occurred to me that I have some knowledge about not only creating great pieces for events, but designing on a (writer’s) limited budget.

So if you’ll indulge me, I’ll be adding some ideas (and lots of photos) to share my successes and failures with this new¬†found hobby.

(And if my ADD kicks in, just disregard this post and resume your normal daily activities, I promise I’ll resume my progress at a later date…)

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