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Novel #2 is [Finally] Under Way!

Novel #2 is [Finally] Under Way!

…no, but for serious this time.

I’ve started and stopped my sophomore effort on several occasions, this is true. It’s just that in the three years since completing my first book, I’ve struggled to find the right combination of characters, plot and setting. I’ve discovered a few of each that I really loved, but was never quite able to put them in a blender and come up with something resembling an overall book concept that I felt was right for me.

Until now…

Over the last few months, some ideas have been tumbling around in the cavernous depths of my mind where they’ve now become semi-polished thoughts in the form of a perfect plot, character list and setting.

One of my favorite blogs — The Write Practice — recently featured a guest post on using screenwriters’ loglines to create a succinct summation of your plot line. I thought this was a particularly brilliant strategy, not only because it will help you stay on track while writing, but because it can help focus your marketing efforts as well.

I gave it a try, and this is the new logline for my story:

A single mother needs to defeat a corrupt local sheriff in small town mayoral race in order to win custody of her son.

That’s all you get to know for now, the rest will be coming soon.

And just in case you think this is yet another case of me starting another project that I will not complete, feast your eyes on the ridiculously detailed post-it organizational chart now residing on the wall beside my desk:

How’s THAT for serious?

What do you usually do to get started on a new writing project? Am I overzealous with my post-its or have I under-organized my thoughts?

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