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Tallahassee Love.

Tallahassee Love.

The last two weeks have been…

What’s a word that adequately expresses the maximum amount of stress, fatigue and fear a person can feel all at once?

I can’t even put together enough brain power to search for the answer, but I think you get my drift.

Following my dad’s diagnosis, seven days of sleepless nights passed until we received the good prognosis and first step toward action — scheduling his nephrectomy (See? I am learning new words — that’s what the surgery to remove a kidney is called, cue the NBC “More You Know” music).

Though the surgery is still a looming cloud, I was able to push it to the edge of my radar for a much-needed weekend in one of my favorite places with some of my favorite people.

If you went away to college, you’ll perfectly comprehend everything I’m about say (Type?).

I know I will never be able to recapture those five most amazing years of my life, but every time I go back to Tallahassee with any of my college roommates, I get *just* close enough. It’s happiness by proxy — a few days where I can almost forget real life responsibilities and just have fun.

(Free Tip: Alcohol is an excellent catalyst for reaching that old college euphoria a little quicker.)

Along with two of my favorite people — Toni (roommate for five years) and Alicia (roommate for three years) — I made the three hour trek to the rolling hills of Florida’s Panhandle and its capitol city.

July was an almost-perfect time to hit up Tallahassee. No students, no legislature, the city’s empty streets were just waiting for us to come rolling through blasting our old jams and bouncing from one favorite restaurant (One Stir Fry) to the next (Guthries).

(We also got a sweet deal on a two-bedroom suite at the Marriott Residence Inn that made me feel like Kevin McCallister spending a few days in the Plaza Hotel, except we didn’t get a limo with a plain cheese pizza.)

We didn’t do much of anything over our two-day trip. We ate, drank, painted our nails, ate, drank, watched Battleship, ate, drank, drove around campus, ate, drank, went shopping, ate, drank, and came home.

But it was just what I needed.

So thanks Tallahassee and thanks to my girls for a great escape.

Now back to that persistent little blip hanging at the edge of my radar…