7 Tips for a Spooktacular DIY Halloween Village

In Florida, you can't trust the weather to let you know when it's fall. The calendar says that the autumnal equinox has passed, but the thermometer is still ordering up pina coladas and scheduling beach days. In such dire circumstances, I am left with no choice but to grab a pumpkin beer (Fat Tire's Pumpkick is my fave this year) turn the A/C down low, and just pretend like leaves are falling (instead of wilting). Truth be told, I've been itching to put my Halloween decorations up since Labor Day weekend. Unfortunately, work has been so busy it kept my desires for … [Read more...]

$10 Kid Craft: Halloween Ghosts!

Often while spending hours days time on Pinterest, I come across awesomesauce kid crafts and get sad that I don't yet have any spawn with which I can partake in such activities (but then I remember that I also get to sleep late and go on vacations, so single-hood is not too shabby). But around the fall holidays I feel an especially strong pull to experience the magic of the season in a kid's eyes. So I decided to borrow some kids for an afternoon! Wait! Before you report me, I did not swing by the elementary school and snag a couple of stragglers for crafts at my house (that sounds … [Read more...]

Punkin’ Carving Like a Boss [Photo Journal]

Today was a good day. No...correction...today was a GREAT day. Here's the thing: I very much enjoy the many (MANY) perks of being single -- sleeping late, expendable income and grown-up vacations -- but every once in a while, I like to borrow a slice of young family life for a day. Fortunately, on such occasions, I can count on happy times with my awesome friends and their growing families. A few years ago, I started a tradition with two of my oldest friends (we marked 20 years in 2012 -- unbelievable!) of having a group pumpkin carving experience each October. We all meet up at … [Read more...]