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Summer Bucket List: Grown-Up Edition

Summer Bucket List: Grown-Up Edition

You know what’s crazy?

Seeing friends you’ve known for twenty years become moms.

But it’s also kind of amazing to see these girls you used to play with become incredible women raising their own independent, strong, sweet, beautiful little girls.

My friend Tori has three girls who fit that description to a tee — the oldest of whom is the same age Tori and I were when we met (Which freaks me out sometimes because her daughter looks JUST like she did when we were kids!). I was over at her house a few weeks ago for her youngest’s birthday party and noticed she created a special summer bucket list for her family to complete before school starts back in August.

Everything from playing in the rain to going to Sea World made the colorful list on the kitchen wall, it was a perfect assortment of fun summer activities.

I have to admit, I got a little jealous.

I wanted my own summer bucket list of fun stuff!

So I decided, why not make a grown-up version?

Realizing it’s already July, I decided to keep my list to just 20 things to accomplish before summer’s end (I don’t want to set the bar *too* high, I mean I do have some adult *groan* responsibilities to squeeze in between my fun-filled activities).

I put a lot of thought into this and I’m looking forward to accomplishing my plans!

Here we go:

Shannon’s Summer Bucket List

1. Drink a mojito

This is an ADULT bucket list so I have to get the important stuff out of the way up front!

2 & 3. Go to the beach and swim in the ocean

Sadly, even though I live five minutes from the beach, I make lots of excuses to not go enjoy it. Shame on me!

4. See a summer blockbuster movie

I’m leaning toward Despicable Me 2 (What? It doesn’t have to be an ALL *adult* bucket list!)

5. Download a new CD

The Civil Wars’ self-titled second album (and unfortunately their last, most likely) is due out on Aug. 6th.

6. Go to a concert

This one is definitely getting checked off twice — on August 9th with Alabama at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre (fun fact: Alabama was my first concert ever!) and September 13th – 14th when Mumford & Sons’ Gentlemen of the Road festival comes to St. Augustine!

7. Climb the St. Augustine Lighthouse

It’s been eons since I went to the lighthouse, I think it’s time to trek the 219 steps and take in that gorgeous view!

8. Go on a road trip

Pretty sure this one will be checked off the list the last weekend of this month when my college roommates and I reunite for a journey to our old stomping grounds, Tallahassee, for a booze-filled fun-filled weekend.

9. Have a pool contest

As a kid, going to the pool was always competitive — whether it was diving for sticks, racing, Marco Polo (which I suck at, by the way) or sharks and minnows, I had to beat my friends.

10. Read a good summer book

You know the kind I’m talking about — a quick, poolside read that involves a cabana boy and self-discovery and a happy ending. I’m leaning toward my friend Lauren Clark’s Stardust Summer — any other suggestions?

11. Go to a baseball game 

I wish I could get to Atlanta for a Braves’ game, but my budget is more in line with a weeknight trip to see the Jacksonville Suns (and I did see the Braves in Spring Training so I guess that’s okay).

12. Make a batch of summer’s brew

My friend Alicia passed on this easy recipe for a yummy summer beverage — Dump a 12 oz. can of frozen lemonade in a pitcher, then use the can to measure out 12 oz. each of beer (ShockTop is my preference), citrus-flavored vodka and Sprite Zero. It’s dangerously refreshing.

13. Buy a trashy magazine

Because every girl needs her fill of US Weekly or People every once in a while.

14. Eat some fresh seafood

Time to take advantage of my home state and indulge in a seafood fest. What should I have? Fried shrimp? Crab legs? Scallops? Um, I’ll take all of the above!

15. Go for a bike ride

Buried somewhere in my garage is a rusty bicycle that probably has two flat tires and a generally bad case of neglect. It’s time I pay it some attention and go for a little ride.

16. Get a new Erin Condren Life Planner

I cannot justify a $50 planner to you, so I’m not even going to try. All I can say is that it makes me (and my OCD tendencies) unbelievably happy AND keeps my life organized, so it’s a win, no matter what the cost.

17. Watch the sun rise

I am not a morning person. At. All. I go to bed every night with ridiculous expectations for the time I will get up in the morning and how much I will accomplish moments after getting out of bed. It never (NEVER) happens. But everyone should see a sun rise at least once a year, even if it means setting the alarm for an unGodly hour of the morning.

18. Eat mint chocolate chip ice cream in a cone

If summer is good for one thing and one thing only, it’s eating ice cream. Fact.

19. Go one whole day without getting on the Internet

I honestly don’t know which will be more difficult — this one or #17 — but dammit I *need* to force myself to take a day off. No computer, no iPhone, no TV.

20. Stock up on back-to-school shopping

School supplies are not just for children, duh (Did you not read the part where I plan to spend $50 on a planner???) I can’t have a nice planner and not get a boatload of colorful pens and post-its and such to color-code my every life detail! Tax free weekend is August 2nd – 4th, let the countdown begin!

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