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Get your shine on! (August Update)

Get your shine on! (August Update)

I hope you’ve got your bags packed…

In about a month you’re going to be taking a trek down south to a little slice of paradise called Crab Island.

But be prepared, this trip is not all fun and games. Someone has built a moonshine ring down there and I can’t caution you enough here — do NOT drink the moonshine.

It’s poisoned.

Instead, I recommend you spend your time relaxing by the pool at The Pink Mermaid Motel with the colorfully hilarious Dawson family:

  • Meet Bear: Family matriarch, multimedia artist, and savior of the once dilapidated old motel.
  • Meet Coach: Leader of the Fightin’ Crabs, man of few words, and proud father to two of his three children.
  • Meet Ash: Chemistry professor, doting husband, and makeshift criminal mastermind.
  • Meet Jac: Single mother, PR professional, and lover of Crab Island’s sexiest state trooper.
  • Meet Milo: First grader, sports fan, and victim of a rare (but deadly) disease.

Killer Shine has officially been sent off to my lovely editor and advanced copies are also en route to my beta reader crew. It’s the most nerve-wracking time for an author — waiting to hear if the work you’ve poured your heart into is any good.

But it’s also exciting! I’ve carried this story and these characters around in my head for over a year and now I can’t wait to share them!

I’ve also got a really exciting partnership in the works that could really make Killer Shine something so special I can’t even put it into words.

Expect to start hearing a lot of updates in September, but until then, I leave you with a song that my mom says makes her think of Killer Shine every time she hears it on the radio.

Fun fact: The hot guy in Florida-Georgia Line (and seriously don’t ask me which one that is, it should be obvious) played baseball at FSU while I was in school there. Just had to show some Seminole love!

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