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‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the Season

Get out the decorations — lighted, lawn and heirloom.

Grab the ingredients for your favorite traditional dish

(Mini Corn Dog Muffins).

football tailgate food

Dig out your seasonal music choices.




As the saying goes, in the South there are four seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and College Football.

From January through August I muddle through life, trying to get excited about NFL playoffs (ho-hum once fantasy football wraps up because the Jaguars’ season is over by mid-September) and baseball (easier this year since the Braves are on a roll) but really I’m just biding my time until college football comes back.

Here’s something non-sports fans simply cannot understand:

For more than half the year, I wake up every day knowing I cannot partake in my most favorite activity in the whole world. No matter how much I want to, no matter how hard I wish, it’s just not available to me except from August in early January of each year.

So I treasure it. Every moment. Every down.

Even when it makes me mad — even on the worst day when my team sucks and the Gator Haters are lurking in the shadows ready to dish out their usual jokes — it’s still better than a day without college football.

As an added bonus, College Football Season (it deserves the caps, trust me grammar police) is also the gateway to the rest of my favorite season activities/holidays. Halloween, My Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas — it’s all coming back! Florida’s sweltering hot days will finally give way to cool nights and crunchy leaves and fire pits and hot chocolate and pumpking carving and homemade cookies and OHMYGOSHHAVEIMENTIONEDHOWMUCHILOVETHEFALL???

So yeah, in a nutshell, I’m excited.

The Florida State decorations have taken over the house, including my new 2013 FSU wreath:

As much as I loved last year’s edition, I’m pretty flippin’ proud of this iteration, too.

I was feeling the feathers and when I stumbled across the perfect variety pack of garnet, gold, black and white feathers it seemed like crafty kismet. I searched high and low for a tomahawk (seriously, SO much harder to find than I anticipated – – I was willing to settle for a small hatchet, plastic or real, but came up empty handed) but finally I gave up and made one out of some old tag board I had laying around (Bonus: cheap!).

So the house is now officially ready for the most wonderful time of the year…but don’t think I’m stopping there.

Construction has already begun on my 2013 Halloween Village.

Photos will come soon.

There’s a Ferris Wheel.

Okay, I’ve already said to much.

Happy Football Season to all and to all a goodnight!